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Zellma is a newly started entrepreneurial driven company, with the vision to become Europe’s leading producer of liveshopping, the idea is to combine professional live studioproduction with streaming to make entertaining shopping experiences. Zellma is part of the Mavshack Group, which invests in companies focusing on digital distribution. In 2007 Mavshack started as one of the first streaming services to enter the Swedish market. Zellma offers a unique solution by combining the founders experience producing live entertainment, with Mavshack’s knowledge in streaming and IT development. Zellma operates out of Stockholm, Sweden, with office on Karlavägen and a productionstudio in Värtahamnen.

Our CEO and founder Pål Burman talks about Zellma (in Swedish).

The Zellma family

Pål Burman
CEO and Founder
firstname.lastname (a) zellma.com
(+46) 703 255 774

PA Gullö

Björn Albrektsson
Business Development

Matilda Olsson
Head of Nordic Sales

Per Bergström
Sales Manager
firstname.lastname (a) zellma.com
(+46) 707 302 205

Christian Bönnelyche
Marketing Manager

Annika Duckmark
Sales and Special Projects

Jordan Sörbom
Chief Sales Officer (new markets)
firstname.lastname (a) zellma.com
(+46) 707 679 729

Wendela Spelmans
Operations Manager (new markets)

Lollo Höeg
Chief Operating Officer

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