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Zellma is a one-stop shop for live shopping – from start to distribution. We have everything you need in order to give your customers a perfect live shopping experience that will engage, entertain, and strengthen your brand. We provide the modern technology and equipment required for a live transmission at the highest quality level. We also offer a professional studio including everything you need. Of course, we can record on-site as well.

We produce, present and distribute  

With Zellma joining the team, your marketing unit will have a specialist in live-stream e-trading,  making it easy and convenient for you to make use of live shopping. We have hosts, producers and marketers who are well versed in live shopping and know what is needed for a good result. Our team, combined with the powerful platform, gives you a complete solution, focusing on quality at every stage. The goal is that everybody should do what they are best at. You can focus on your commodity – and we take care of the rest. Together, we create the best  possible shopping experience for your costumers.

Increased conversion rate

Live-stream e-trading is more effective

Live shopping keeps getting more and more popular. The reasons are manifold. The concept gives you a unique possibility to create interest and build relations. Since the customer can interact and socialize with both you as a company and with other customers in an easy and natural manner, the commitment increases. In turn, a high level of commitment will increase the number of products placed in the shopping cart as well as the conversion rate.


Stronger brands with video

Live shopping is the future. And the future is already here. Today, consumers obtain 95 % of their knowledge about products through video. This goes for your customers as well. Which is why you should give them well-produced content with your products included as a natural component in order to create an inspiring live shopping experience, loved by the customers. This is bound to make an impact on your bottom line.



of mobile phone users share videos with friends and acquaintances




of customers prefer getting their information about a product via video



of all companies use video in their marketing


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